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SUBJECT: Friendly Middle Eastern Gov/US NGO Humanitarian Evacuation Operation


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: US Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF), and various other organizations jointly conducted Operation Chivalrous Knight (OCK) with a friendly Middle Eastern government from 17 AUG 21 - Present. Operation Chivalrous Knight was initially a rescue and evacuation operation to recover children and high-risk Afghans from Kabul in order to protect them from retribution killing, slavery, and exploitation. As of present, Operation Chivalrous Knight has successfully evacuated 5000+ Afghans; 2000 of those are children and 400+ of those are orphaned children. The first part of Operation Chivalrous Knight has concluded as it appears Kabul is no longer accessible, and the Coalition Forces have left Hamid Karzai International Airfield (HKIA). 


Despite the success of the first half of OCK, all participating parties need support to successfully complete the mission. The NCPTF does not have the charter, nor core competency to place refugees. What is needed now are organizations with Refugee Relocation Systems (the logistics and administration of documenting and relocating refugees). 


We need help in finding other entities that can provide Refugee Relocation Systems for these refugees. Paramount is support from ANY Non-Governmental Organizations that can ensure mission success for Operation Chivalrous Knight by helping us with the identification of long-term placement locations, movement of refugees to these locations, and facilitation/navigation of immigration laws in the host countries of these long-term refugees' facilities are what is most needed. Please help us get these refugees to a safe and stable environment! 


For those of you who are able to connect the NCPTF with Refugee Relocation Systems, please fill out the Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement Assistance Form linked here

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