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We imagine a world where children wake up to experience childhood,
feel safe and end each day looking forward to tomorrow.

The National Child Protection Task Force, a registered 501(c)(3), was founded to provide detectives, analysts and officers access to investigative expertise and resources that are unavailable or under-funded in most law enforcement organizations. The members of our Task Force volunteer their time to any agency -- small or large, international or local -- on important, time-sensitive cases focusing on human trafficking, child exploitation and missing persons cases. 

We come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, but we are united in our belief that we have a responsibility to make society a better place for everyone, especially our most vulnerable members.


We combine open source intelligence programs and law enforcement expertise to find a flow of information that can catch and prosecute predators. In just a few years, we have created techniques that have solved cases in a matter of minutes.


Everyone with a passion for taking on human trafficking is invited to set aside ego, jurisdiction, and biases and come together and learn the most up-to-date techniques to become part of the National Child Protection Task Force – it’s going to take all of us working together to make this happen. You can learn directly from prosecutors, officers and lawyers who have solved cases with our techniques. Contact us with any interest in legal strategy, the mapping and analysis of location data, OSINT, cryptocurrency basics, and dark-web basics.



Leon Worthen

Director, Operations

Andrew Nowlin

Director, Information Technology & Security

Lead, Special Investigations

Jessica Smith

Christine Talley

Law Enforcement Lead

Alex Slotnick

Lead, Case Tracking & Statistics

Micah Hoffman

Lead, Geolocation Team

Kevin Tadda

Deputy Director, Operations

Amy Pedid

Director, Community Outreach

Carlos Gonzales


Barbara Jean Wilson

Director, Survivor Advocacy
and Resources

Gabby Han

Manager, Information Security


Tom Blauvelt

Director, Strategy

Ayesha Prakash

Strategic Planning, Global VP of Channels & Partners at KELA

Glenn Devitt

Founder and Managing Director of Delitor Intelligence Gathering

Sy Ray

CEO and Co-Founder of ZetX Law Enforcement Training

Amanda Towler

SUDO Girl Consulting

Chris Poulter


Matt Durrett

Prosecuting Attorney for the Fourth Judicial District of Arkansas

Kevin Metcalf

President of the NCPTF

Kevin Branzetti

Vice President of the NCPTF 

Robert Liscouski

Chairman of the NCPTF 

Teresa Jauregui

Director, Legal

Kyle Naish

Director, Investigations

Griffin Glynn

Deputy Director, Investigations


Donate your funds, services or skills today in order to be a productive part of saving children's lives like the supporters below.

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