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Sy Ray

Advisor NCPTF

Sy Ray is the founder of ZetX Corporation and lead Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer for 10-2 Technologies. Sy’s entrepreneurial career with ZetX began after serving 20 years in law enforcement where he spent time as a SWAT operator, homicide Sergeant, and directing fugitive missions. Some of his work was featured on several episodes of 48 Hours, 20/20, The Discovery Channel, and Dateline, showcasing his investigative and technological expertise. Sy also spent time in Afghanistan as a field advisor for an undercover team targeting improvised explosive device (IED) cells.


Sy established ZetX in 2014 as a one-stop shop for law enforcement for cellular geo-location mapping, analysis and training. The software he designed currently leads the industry in geo-location mapping of RF data. While devoting his career to bringing advanced training and investigative technology to law enforcement, Sy is a subject matter expert in the field of geo-location mapping and identifying target sets.


Sy’s geo-location expertise advanced into RF Engineering of detection devices with 10-2 Technologies during the past two years. His accomplishments include engineering RF drone detection sensors used by the NFL at the 2015 Super Bowl, and engineering RF tracking and security technology for law enforcement and military applications. 


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